YUI3 Carousel into WordPress Theme is not very difficult in fact

In developing a WordPress Child Theme of the Hybrid Theme Framework by Justin Tudlock, I found out today that in fact it is not that difficult to include YUI3 Carousel into WordPress. I just used the following code that was given at http://yuilibrary.com. 1. First I copied this YUI3 Gallery Javascript code. Well this is […]

10 Things I Learned While Interning at YUI

For eight months, I had the opportunity to intern with the YUI Team at Yahoo, while I was completing my engineering degree. Today, I’d like to share the top ten things that I learned from my experience with YUI. A Bit of Background The YUI Team is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of […]

Multi-Column Grid-Style Posts in WordPress

I found this hack is very useful particularly when I was designing my home/ index page display. I wanted my homepage displays news in two, three or four columns. And this hack perfectly fits into this need. Please go to the source: <http://www.transformationpowertools.com/wordpress/multi-column-wordpress-template&gt; What you need is just simple php code with simple one line […]

YUI Based and Multicoloured “raindrops” WordPress Theme

The description of this theme says it all: This theme file has the automatic arrangement of color function in specifying the layout customizing function and the reference color by Yahoo User Interface. The color can specify the tradition color and the American tradition color of Japan by the name. An automatic arrangement of color and […]

Twordder WordPress Theme: Fully YUI and Twitter Based Theme

I just came across with this theme called “Twordder” by John Turner. In this theme’s Tag, Turner says: Twitter inspired theme. Twordder is more of a framework than just a theme. You choose your layout, colors and background image. Features Include: Custom Background, Sidebar, Text, Links,and Sidebar Border Colors, Automatically pull color palettes from ColourLovers.com, […]

PHP Ease YUI Class Based WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme framework is a custom implementation of our Page class. Tailor made to simplify the process of creating a WordPress theme, while giving you total flexibility and control afterwards. This class will completely separate your page’s content from it’s layout, freeing you from establishing an ugly foundation of inflexible divs. This framework is […]

YUI GRIDS is Applied into the Robust Hybrid Word Press Theme Framework

Without Major Modifications into the Theme, but only with Additions to the Hybrid WordPress Theme Functions Well, I am not the one to be happy for this. Credits must go to Justin Tadlock, the author of the robust and comprehensive WordPress Theme, Hybrid  WordPress Theme Framework, the user-friendly, search-engine optimized parent theme, featuring 15 custom […]