Sandbox YUI

Yahoo Y

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SandBox YUI wP WordPress Themes are created utilizing on the famous robust Sandbox WordPress Theme. In other words, the famous Sandbox WordPress Theme is now presented using the famous Yahoo! Javascript Library called YUI Library and YUI Grids for the stylesheets.

wP WP Themes based on Sandbox and YUI are divided into 5 major names:

  1. Wahoo! WP Themes; (which means, WordPress Theme, but Yahoo! Look);
  2. Lahoo! WP Themes; (it means, Yahoo Layout with Lani Motif)
  3. Papoo! WP Themes;  (meaning, Yahoo! Layout with Papua motif)
  4. MyHoo! WP Themes; (means, MyYahoo! Looks with Sandbox Framework)
  5. AhooDocs! WP Themes. is build based on Yahoo Docs Styelesheets utilising YUI Library for Javascripts.

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